Being Bold In Paris

Wearing bold orange tights and black faux fur coat in Paris
Being bold and wearing orange tights, a mini skirt and rainbow knit in Paris

If you follow me on Instagram then you will know that back in December, I was finally reunited with one of my all time loves – Paris. It had been my longest period away from the city since I first moved there in 2010 and I felt so so much joy being back in my favourite place in the whole world, somewhere that completely feels like home. Now I’m living in London, I plan to visit Paris as often as possible – whether that be by Eurostar or occasionally slumming it on the nightbus when I’m not feeling so flush – being able to take little weekend trips over to Paris is one of the draws of living in London for me.

Paris and London are two of the most famous cities in the world, each known for their own landmarks and traditions but both being celebrated for fashion. However, despite being relatively close to each other, geographically, the attitudes towards fashion could not be more different. I have always found London to be rather open-minded about fashion – we Brits champion colour and interesting prints whereas in Paris, it’s rather a different story. One of my British friends in Paris that I was staying with told me about her French colleague complaining about seeing people in Paris wearing colourful faux fur coats and mini skirts. "On n’est pas a Londres,"* she said and described it as an “abuse”. I found this so ridiculous and funny, especially knowing that I had planned to debut these rather bright and not French at all, orange tights for one of my looks while in Paris.

*"We’re not in London."

British girl wears bold outfit in Paris


The “Parisian girl look” is something that has been doing the rounds on Instagram for a while now and although I love to dabble in a simple jeans and Breton tee combo or channelling an oversized coat and a beret as much as the next girl, I wanted to break that stereotype a bit here. I wanted to go bold in Paris, bringing a bit of London with me and daring to turn heads. Indeed, heads I did turn – because the French are certainly not afraid to stare! Even as we were shooting these photos, an older woman and a separate gaggle of girls were looking at me so I just gave them a smile and a wave because what else can you do, eh?!

Wearing bold orange tights and a rainbow knit in Paris
Wearing bold orange tights and a rainbow knit in Paris
Being bold in Paris wearing orange tights and a rainbow knit

Let’s start with the orange tights, shall we? I bought them around Halloween time last year when I dressed up as Velma from Scooby Doo and as I absolutely loved the colour and the sixties vibes coloured tights emulate, I wanted to find a way of incorporating them into an everyday look. As I discussed in a recent blog post, styling coloured tights can be tricky. I knew the orange would look great with a denim mini skirt but I struggled to find a top that would look right with an already colourful look. Then, just before my trip to Paris, I found this incredible 70s navy blue and rainbow stripe turtleneck and the search was complete. The overall navy colour of the knit blends in well with the denim and the orange in the rainbow stripe is the perfect link to the orange tights. I am totally and completely chuffed with this top, having searched high and low for the perfect retro rainbow stripe jumper for so long and it also looks so good layered under some dungarees or paired with flares for that ultimate seventies show.

Being bold and confident wearing bold orange tights in Paris

I finished off the look with my old silver Office boots, which I know, you see ALL.THE.TIME. I’m just struggling on the boot-front at the moment, ok? Please forgive me. Finally, to avoid wearing too much colour and to keep French ladies keeling over at the sight of me, I threw on my black faux fur coat for some extra warmth.

So there we have go – a little exploration of the fashion differences between London and Paris and a rather bold look to (hopefully) inspire you all to inject a bit of colour into your outfits this week.

Thank you for reading! X

Wearing bold orange tights, denim mini skirt and faux fur in Paris

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