Styling Coloured Tights

Styling coloured tights with sixties dress
A retro outfit styling coloured tights
Mixing shades of red to style coloured tights

Hello and (a belated) Happy New Year to you all! If I am honest with you, it wasn’t until this weekend just gone that I finally had a glimmer of those feelings that we're "meant" to have on the 1st - hope and excitement for the future. 2017 was a strange old year - the first half was the best of my life but from June I experienced the worst six months ever (which you can read a bit more about in my last life update post), so initially, I felt a bit scared and worried about what this year might bring. However, after a few days to get used to the idea, Saturday 6th January felt like my new year – it was also my birthday.

After being spoilt with cards, presents and love I popped on this outfit and headed out to take some snaps. I have been pushing myself more and more to create interesting looks and this one is a recent favourite. A problem I have with winter (a season I otherwise love for layered looks and coats) is that things can sometimes get a bit samey on the bottom half, which is why I have started experimenting with coloured tights! I think coloured tights can be quite difficult to wear but get it right and you're nailing the retro vibes.

Sixties pinafore and mandarin collar blouse


Red sixties pinafore dress styled with mandarin collar blouse and black faux fur coat
Styling burgundy coloured tights with silver boots
How to style coloured tights with a sixties pinafore

My main piece of advice for styling coloured tights would be to first choose your coloured tights and then create an outfit around their colour. I picked up these light burgundy/dark pink tights in Primark on a whim, tried them with my favourite red sixties dress and never looked back. I think they work so well together because they are – obviously – different shades of the same colour, which adds interest to the look and softens the brightness of the red dress. Also, the burgundy coloured tights work so much better than the usual black ones, which would have been a rather harsh contrast against the red of the dress.

Sixties style outfit with pinafore dress, mandarin collar blouse and cap
A sixties outfit layering a white blouse under a red mini dress

I kept the rest of the outfit quite light, layering a white cotton blouse with a sixties style mandarin collar underneath the pinafore dress and finishing off with silver boots on my feet (again, black boots might have been a bit of a harsh colour contrast). Accessories-wise, I simply could not resist using my burgundy Coach saddlebag, which goes perfectly with the other red tones, and my beloved Brixton cream baker boy cap adds even more retro points.

Styling coloured tights over black tights with a sixties vibes
How to style coloured tights for a retro sixties look

Except for a couple of hours in the afternoon when I needed a nap, I wore this look for my whole birthday and out for dinner in the evening to a vegetarian/vegan restaurant in Notting Hill called Farmacy, which I would highly recommend.

I hope you’re all having a good start to the week! I’ve got another look styling coloured tights coming soon that was shot in no other than Paris! So I hope you’re digging the fancy leg vibes 😉


Styling pink coloured tights with a red dress and silver boots