Some Things I Love Right Now

Wearing a yellow skirt and blue printed seventies shirt against yellow background
Wearing a yellow sixties skirt, seventies shirt and blue faux fur coat

I've been feeling a bit stuck with what to write for this post. I like to keep my outfit posts very much, talking about the outfit in question rather than going off on too much of a tangent, however, sometimes that can get a bit repetitive. So today I thought I'd chat about some things I love right now, some things which, in turn, have influenced this outfit. It's rather fitting actually seeing as it was Valentine's Day yesterday. I hope you all had a lovely day filled with love, whether that be from another person, giving yourself some self-love or falling in love with some inanimate (and usually fashion-related) object, which to be honest, can bring so much joy. 


Wearing a yellow skirt and teddy bear printed shirt


I'm a sucker for an interesting print. Don't get me wrong, I love a simple stripe tee or polka dot blouse as much as the next girl but sometimes it's nice to break the mould a bit and rock something total weird and wonderful. Enter this navy blue shirt featuring a print that is none other than a teddy bear holding a sunflower. I mean, what more could you want from a print really? It's fun, it's youthful and it's totally unique, quite literally being a genuine seventies shirt. They certainly knew what they were doing in the seventies, print-wise, and I can totally imagine this pattern being reincarnated by one of the high end or high street giants. You heard it hear first - teddy bear holding a sunflower print is the next big thing! (Ha)

Wearing a blue printed seventies shirt against a yellow wall


Talking of seventies shirts - I'm obsessed with them! Despite not desperately loving the fact they are normally made from sweat-inducing polyester, the cut and prints always make up for it. I've got quite the collection by now but this one stands out, being a pull on shirt rather than a button-up. I love the V neckline which opens up the shirt at the top to a pointed collar. The dagger collar is the defining feature of any seventies shirt, one which I love oh-so much and if you're into vintage shopping, is a serious clue to the item's era. I have been wearing this particular shirt a lot with a skirt like this but I know it will also look great layered under some dungarees or with some flares for a truly retro look.

Wearing a blue printed shirt and a blue faux fur coat
Wearing a printed seventies shirt and yellow skirt


If you've been ready this blog or following me on Instagram for a while, you will know that for a while now I have been having quite the love affair with yellow and more specifically with a certain yellow coat that I cannot get enough of. This yellow skirt is the most recent addition to my, erm, yellow collection although it really isn't that recent at all. I picked it up back in summer at a flea market in Montreal for just a few dollars. The zip was broken, it had a couple of moth holes around the hem and it was a bit long, but I know a gem when I see one. This is a genuine sixties skirt made from beautiful yellow wool by a brand called John Meyer Of Norwich, which I found out later was quite a sort after and trend-setting brand in its day. I simply replaced the zip and made it shorter hence giving a new lease of life to this perfectly coloured skirt. I had been waiting since summer for the colder weather to wear this skirt and debut it here on the blog, finally getting round to shooting it a couple of weeks ago. I love how it looks with blue and I've taken to wearing navy tights with it, as they're slightly less harsh than black ones. 

Wearing a baker boy hat and a seventies print shirt


I know you must be sick to death of seeing me - and the rest of Instagram - in a baker boy hat by now, but I just can't stop! I've been wearing baker boy caps for a few years but it's only in the last year or so that they have really gone mainstream. I have two vintage baker boy (or Greek fisherman) caps - a navy blue and a black - and I recently invested in a lovely cream one from hat brand, Brixton, which you can see in action in my Birthday Outfit post. There are a couple of reasons why I keep reaching for baker boys. 1) They add that sixties vibe to any outfit and that is a win in my eyes, and 2) they keep my hair and fringe in place, which is so so needed on windy shoot days. I'd love to add a super colourful one to my collection next - perhaps a yellow one, eh?

I finished off the look with a big faux fur coat and some ankle boots, which are not ground-breaking obsessions for winter, but things I love all the same.
What have you been loving lately?
Wearing a graphic print seventies shirt

Being Bold In Paris

Wearing bold orange tights and black faux fur coat in Paris
Being bold and wearing orange tights, a mini skirt and rainbow knit in Paris

If you follow me on Instagram then you will know that back in December, I was finally reunited with one of my all time loves – Paris. It had been my longest period away from the city since I first moved there in 2010 and I felt so so much joy being back in my favourite place in the whole world, somewhere that completely feels like home. Now I’m living in London, I plan to visit Paris as often as possible – whether that be by Eurostar or occasionally slumming it on the nightbus when I’m not feeling so flush – being able to take little weekend trips over to Paris is one of the draws of living in London for me.

Paris and London are two of the most famous cities in the world, each known for their own landmarks and traditions but both being celebrated for fashion. However, despite being relatively close to each other, geographically, the attitudes towards fashion could not be more different. I have always found London to be rather open-minded about fashion – we Brits champion colour and interesting prints whereas in Paris, it’s rather a different story. One of my British friends in Paris that I was staying with told me about her French colleague complaining about seeing people in Paris wearing colourful faux fur coats and mini skirts. "On n’est pas a Londres,"* she said and described it as an “abuse”. I found this so ridiculous and funny, especially knowing that I had planned to debut these rather bright and not French at all, orange tights for one of my looks while in Paris.

*"We’re not in London."

British girl wears bold outfit in Paris


The “Parisian girl look” is something that has been doing the rounds on Instagram for a while now and although I love to dabble in a simple jeans and Breton tee combo or channelling an oversized coat and a beret as much as the next girl, I wanted to break that stereotype a bit here. I wanted to go bold in Paris, bringing a bit of London with me and daring to turn heads. Indeed, heads I did turn – because the French are certainly not afraid to stare! Even as we were shooting these photos, an older woman and a separate gaggle of girls were looking at me so I just gave them a smile and a wave because what else can you do, eh?!

Wearing bold orange tights and a rainbow knit in Paris
Wearing bold orange tights and a rainbow knit in Paris
Being bold in Paris wearing orange tights and a rainbow knit

Let’s start with the orange tights, shall we? I bought them around Halloween time last year when I dressed up as Velma from Scooby Doo and as I absolutely loved the colour and the sixties vibes coloured tights emulate, I wanted to find a way of incorporating them into an everyday look. As I discussed in a recent blog post, styling coloured tights can be tricky. I knew the orange would look great with a denim mini skirt but I struggled to find a top that would look right with an already colourful look. Then, just before my trip to Paris, I found this incredible 70s navy blue and rainbow stripe turtleneck and the search was complete. The overall navy colour of the knit blends in well with the denim and the orange in the rainbow stripe is the perfect link to the orange tights. I am totally and completely chuffed with this top, having searched high and low for the perfect retro rainbow stripe jumper for so long and it also looks so good layered under some dungarees or paired with flares for that ultimate seventies show.

Being bold and confident wearing bold orange tights in Paris

I finished off the look with my old silver Office boots, which I know, you see ALL.THE.TIME. I’m just struggling on the boot-front at the moment, ok? Please forgive me. Finally, to avoid wearing too much colour and to keep French ladies keeling over at the sight of me, I threw on my black faux fur coat for some extra warmth.

So there we have go – a little exploration of the fashion differences between London and Paris and a rather bold look to (hopefully) inspire you all to inject a bit of colour into your outfits this week.

Thank you for reading! X

Wearing bold orange tights, denim mini skirt and faux fur in Paris

The Joys Of A Full Wardrobe

Pairing a yellow coat with black turtleneck and burgundy cross body bag
Full outfit styling a yellow coat with dark hued patchwork skirt, black ankle boots and burgundy Coach bag

Hello and I hope you all had a great weekend! Some of my best uni girls treated me to a surprise weekend by the seaside in Whitstable in Kent, for my birthday, which was so bloody lush and definitely needed! As I touched upon in last week's post, I am finally feeling a bit lighter and more motivated so I hope that continues because I am loving being back in the blogging game!

Today's outfit is one that incorporates some very old, quite old and relatively new pieces. Ever since moving back to the UK and finally having all my clothes together after four years abroad, I’ve been relishing the joys of a full wardrobe. I had a great time organising my clothes by colour and category like a former vintage shop worker has learnt to do and having a wealth of clothes to pick from. I’m so enjoying experimenting with different looks and I have been wearing this combination a lot recently, both during the day, to work and out in the evening for dinner and drinks.

Full outfit matching the dark green in the patchwork skirt to the awning in the background


 Pairing a yellow coat with a burgundy cross body saddle bag.
Making the most of a full wardrobe styling my new-ish yellow coat with older pieces.

Let's start by chatting about the newest item in this look and quite frankly the love of my life - this seventies yellow wool coat. I am utterly obsessed and have been ever since I picked it up in Montreal towards the end of last winter. It's the most un-winter-like coat possible, which I absolutely love and I always feel so fabulous when I wear it, especially when I look around at fellow commuters clad in black and neutral outerwear. I often build outfits around the desire to wear this coat - today’s look is no exception and this certainly won't be the last time you see this coat, that's for sure. 

The beauty of the yellow coat is that it goes well with other bright colours, as well as all black or dark hued outfits, such as this A-line skirt and black turtleneck combination. I love how the forest green and navy of the patchwork skirt look against the bright coat, with the yellow of the tartan pulling the colour palette together perfectly. I’ve had this vintage skirt is a couple of years old now and it is one of those pieces that I know I will keep forever. It is such a unique piece, which has admittedly features on the blog a few times already, but it is timeless and oh-so flattering.

Close up of burgundy Coach saddle bag, vintage patchwork suede skirt and yellow coat.
Contrasting a bright yellow coat with a black turtleneck and burgundy bag.

Lastly, let's talk about the finishing touches. Due to a significant gap in my black boot collection, I thought I'd try out these vintage lace-up pointed ankle boots that I've had for years and years. Although they go well with the look, I am still not sure about them. They remind me so much of those "indie days" back in my late teens/early twenties and I can't quite work out if they still fit in my wardrobe - what do you think?! 

I finished off the look with my Coach saddle bag, which sadly seems to be the only bag that ever makes an appearance on this blog but that's not why I chose it here! I love the way the burgundy colour looks and contrasts with the yellow coat - dream colour combo right there!

So there we have it - a look celebrating the joys of a full wardrobe, mixing some old and new(ish) pieces and just generally being able to chat about my favourite yellow coat until the cows come home - YAY! X

Styling a retro yellow coat with a vintage baker boy cap and Coach saddle bag.

Styling Coloured Tights

Styling coloured tights with sixties dress
A retro outfit styling coloured tights
Mixing shades of red to style coloured tights

Hello and (a belated) Happy New Year to you all! If I am honest with you, it wasn’t until this weekend just gone that I finally had a glimmer of those feelings that we're "meant" to have on the 1st - hope and excitement for the future. 2017 was a strange old year - the first half was the best of my life but from June I experienced the worst six months ever (which you can read a bit more about in my last life update post), so initially, I felt a bit scared and worried about what this year might bring. However, after a few days to get used to the idea, Saturday 6th January felt like my new year – it was also my birthday.

After being spoilt with cards, presents and love I popped on this outfit and headed out to take some snaps. I have been pushing myself more and more to create interesting looks and this one is a recent favourite. A problem I have with winter (a season I otherwise love for layered looks and coats) is that things can sometimes get a bit samey on the bottom half, which is why I have started experimenting with coloured tights! I think coloured tights can be quite difficult to wear but get it right and you're nailing the retro vibes.

Sixties pinafore and mandarin collar blouse


Red sixties pinafore dress styled with mandarin collar blouse and black faux fur coat
Styling burgundy coloured tights with silver boots
How to style coloured tights with a sixties pinafore

My main piece of advice for styling coloured tights would be to first choose your coloured tights and then create an outfit around their colour. I picked up these light burgundy/dark pink tights in Primark on a whim, tried them with my favourite red sixties dress and never looked back. I think they work so well together because they are – obviously – different shades of the same colour, which adds interest to the look and softens the brightness of the red dress. Also, the burgundy coloured tights work so much better than the usual black ones, which would have been a rather harsh contrast against the red of the dress.

Sixties style outfit with pinafore dress, mandarin collar blouse and cap
A sixties outfit layering a white blouse under a red mini dress

I kept the rest of the outfit quite light, layering a white cotton blouse with a sixties style mandarin collar underneath the pinafore dress and finishing off with silver boots on my feet (again, black boots might have been a bit of a harsh colour contrast). Accessories-wise, I simply could not resist using my burgundy Coach saddlebag, which goes perfectly with the other red tones, and my beloved Brixton cream baker boy cap adds even more retro points.

Styling coloured tights over black tights with a sixties vibes
How to style coloured tights for a retro sixties look

Except for a couple of hours in the afternoon when I needed a nap, I wore this look for my whole birthday and out for dinner in the evening to a vegetarian/vegan restaurant in Notting Hill called Farmacy, which I would highly recommend.

I hope you’re all having a good start to the week! I’ve got another look styling coloured tights coming soon that was shot in no other than Paris! So I hope you’re digging the fancy leg vibes 😉


Styling pink coloured tights with a red dress and silver boots

Hey. It’s Been A While

Hey it's been a while

Hey. It’s been a while. I haven’t shared online for almost two months now but in real life, a lot has been going on. I started writing this blog post almost three weeks ago and today I am getting around to finishing it. The following section is unedited, written on the 1st November when I finally felt ready to put my feelings on paper about the last couple of months, which have quite frankly been the worst of my entire life.

I’ve cried. I’ve talked. I’ve screamed.

I’ve felt complete breathlessness and I’ve felt my heartbreak. I’ve felt regret. I’ve felt both lonely and showered with love. I’ve felt anger because why me? Why her? Why our family?

My mum passed away on Sunday 8th October. She was surrounded by her loving family but I will never know for sure if she knew we were there. She was a victim of a cruel, incurable disease – motor neurone disease – that I watched take her mind, body and, ultimately, breath from her far quickly than we had ever imagined. She was diagnosed on the 9th June and she was taken less than four months later, just before her 60th birthday.

I don’t really know what direction I want this post to take. In the wake of any tragedy, it is difficult to know what to do. It’s been a long time since I put fingers to keys and although I have taken mini blog breaks before, I didn’t feel I could just swing back in with a post talking about an outfit. It would feel fake.

Since writing the above, I have had something positive happen in my life.* I got a job. Fucking finally. It may not be the dream job but it’s at a company I am passionate about and the people are so bloody lovely.

It’s been a horrible couple of months. Dealing with the relocation from Montreal to London (via Bristol), job hunting and bereavement all at the same time has been so overwhelming and almost broken me at times. But for now, the first two are sorted and that’s such a relief. I just wish I could bring my mum back. I would do absolutely anything for that.

So that’s, I guess what you would call, a life update. Which actually sounds fucking terrible because writing about my mum’s death is hardly an “update”. It’s the worst news ever but as I said before, I couldn’t return to blogging without doing a post like this. I’ll be back very soon with the usual outfit posts and I want to thank you so much for coming back to read after such a long break.

Much love X

*If you’re new to Fashion Et Moi, my blog posts are not always this deep and depressing.