The Joys Of A Full Wardrobe

Pairing a yellow coat with black turtleneck and burgundy cross body bag
Full outfit styling a yellow coat with dark hued patchwork skirt, black ankle boots and burgundy Coach bag

Hello and I hope you all had a great weekend! Some of my best uni girls treated me to a surprise weekend by the seaside in Whitstable in Kent, for my birthday, which was so bloody lush and definitely needed! As I touched upon in last week's post, I am finally feeling a bit lighter and more motivated so I hope that continues because I am loving being back in the blogging game!

Today's outfit is one that incorporates some very old, quite old and relatively new pieces. Ever since moving back to the UK and finally having all my clothes together after four years abroad, I’ve been relishing the joys of a full wardrobe. I had a great time organising my clothes by colour and category like a former vintage shop worker has learnt to do and having a wealth of clothes to pick from. I’m so enjoying experimenting with different looks and I have been wearing this combination a lot recently, both during the day, to work and out in the evening for dinner and drinks.

Full outfit matching the dark green in the patchwork skirt to the awning in the background


 Pairing a yellow coat with a burgundy cross body saddle bag.
Making the most of a full wardrobe styling my new-ish yellow coat with older pieces.

Let's start by chatting about the newest item in this look and quite frankly the love of my life - this seventies yellow wool coat. I am utterly obsessed and have been ever since I picked it up in Montreal towards the end of last winter. It's the most un-winter-like coat possible, which I absolutely love and I always feel so fabulous when I wear it, especially when I look around at fellow commuters clad in black and neutral outerwear. I often build outfits around the desire to wear this coat - today’s look is no exception and this certainly won't be the last time you see this coat, that's for sure. 

The beauty of the yellow coat is that it goes well with other bright colours, as well as all black or dark hued outfits, such as this A-line skirt and black turtleneck combination. I love how the forest green and navy of the patchwork skirt look against the bright coat, with the yellow of the tartan pulling the colour palette together perfectly. I’ve had this vintage skirt is a couple of years old now and it is one of those pieces that I know I will keep forever. It is such a unique piece, which has admittedly features on the blog a few times already, but it is timeless and oh-so flattering.

Close up of burgundy Coach saddle bag, vintage patchwork suede skirt and yellow coat.
Contrasting a bright yellow coat with a black turtleneck and burgundy bag.

Lastly, let's talk about the finishing touches. Due to a significant gap in my black boot collection, I thought I'd try out these vintage lace-up pointed ankle boots that I've had for years and years. Although they go well with the look, I am still not sure about them. They remind me so much of those "indie days" back in my late teens/early twenties and I can't quite work out if they still fit in my wardrobe - what do you think?! 

I finished off the look with my Coach saddle bag, which sadly seems to be the only bag that ever makes an appearance on this blog but that's not why I chose it here! I love the way the burgundy colour looks and contrasts with the yellow coat - dream colour combo right there!

So there we have it - a look celebrating the joys of a full wardrobe, mixing some old and new(ish) pieces and just generally being able to chat about my favourite yellow coat until the cows come home - YAY! X

Styling a retro yellow coat with a vintage baker boy cap and Coach saddle bag.