My Current Inspiration #1

Hello and welcome to my first current inspiration post! I have recently really gotten into Pinterest so I thought I would share what has been inspiring me recently, because it’s not always possible to execute the same in my outfit posts and it’s nice to do a different type of fashion post every once in a while. I hope this gives you some inspiration too and please let me know what you think because I’d love to make this a regular post on Fashion Et Moi – enjoy! X

My Current Inspiration Haim


Anyone who has spent any time with me recently will know that I am so obsessed with Haim. Their hotly anticipated second album, which finally dropped a couple of weeks ago, got me all excited again about how much I love this oh-so cool trio of sisters, not just for their music but for their style too. Their cool Cali-girl vibe mixed with clear vintage influences is right up my street and I would wear every single one of their outfits. I absolutely love these sunny promo shots from their new album – a-line mini skirts, matchy matchy suits and PVC - hello! When I saw them play Glastonbury this year, Alana and Danielle wore black PVC kick flares with a floral blouse while Este donned a PVC mini skirt with a sparkly top – queens, or what? I’m in love. Furthermore, these girls make a simple jeans, t-shirt and leather jacket outfit look so cool and effortless, which as an occasional lazy dresser, I always strive to. Their secret seems to be accessorising with retro inspired sunglasses, some trusty black boots and, of course, their long flowing locks (grow, hair, grow!).

My Current Inspiration Statement Earrings


If you have been following me on Instagram or reading this blog for a while, you will have noticed that I have been wearing earrings, and more specifically big statement earrings, a lot more in the past six months or so. I first became obsessed with big earrings through discovering Maria Bernad on Instagram who has an earring collection to die for. I love how big and bold earrings can elevate an outfit - even a simple all black one like above looks so much more sassy with a bit of ear candy. My earring collection is coming along nicely and I have been regularly seeking out new additions in vintage and second hand stores, where you can often pick up a pair for 2$ or less! I particularly love interesting shaped gold earrings for a more classic look as well as the contrasting brightly coloured plastic variety, which are great for adding a pop of colour to any outfit.

My Current Inspiration Scarves
My Current Inspiration Scarves


Similarly to statement earrings, I have recently been very inspired by outfits with neck scarves, in particular when scarves are used in rather unusual ways. Perhaps the most accessible way to start getting into wearing scarves not round your neck is in your hair. Because of my fringe I have always struggled to tie a scarf around my head in a way that looks good so round the ponytail is much simpler. I have been wearing my hair up a lot more recently because of the heat. However, I always feel a bit less like “me” without a bit of hair around my face so a low side ponytail tied with a cute scarf is just perfect. Having previously worn bandanas round my wrist, I love the look of one tied round the ankle with a pair of mules and a raw denim hem. It adds such a cool, unusual detail and I will definitely be trying this one out on cooler days or evenings during summer. And finally, perhaps the least wearable but still so awesome is using a scarf as a top! I have tried this one at home and unfortunately my body shape and boob size just don’t allow for it but hopefully some of you will feel inspired to try this one out! It will look just amazing with a pair of high waisted trousers on holiday.

My Current Inspiration Suits & Co-Ords
My Current Inspiration Suits & Co-Ords


And finally, one big obsession of mine that does not seem to be going away soon is matchy matchy dressing. Whether it be a jacket and shorts ensemble, a skirt and top co-ord or a colourful power suit, I want it all. I think there are a few reasons why I am so into matchy outfits. Firstly, it’s effortless and I am all about lazy dressing that looks good. The suit pretty much does the talking so you just need to add a simple t-shirt and you’re good to go. Secondly, I feel important and powerful. If I’m having an off day or need a boost, donning a suit is definitely going to make me feel like I can “boss” the day because looking like you’ve got you’re shit together means you’re going to get your shit together. Lastly, you can wear them separately! If buying two matching pieces can translate into three outfit combinations then that is a win in my eyes!



All other sources via PINTEREST